Based in Chicago, Optimus brings over 50 years of cutting-edge aerospace and surgical-grade manufacturing to liquid cooling. 

Our journey began with a desire for premium cooling parts that put a focus on performance and reliability over RGBs. We wanted products that not only had excellent thermals, but also provided quality on par with the products we produced for aerospace. 

While it’s a great time to be a PC builder with so many options, we soon realized that if we wanted the best, we would have to make it ourselves. 

We discovered we would need to design our own tooling and create diamond bits precise and accurate enough to craft the world’s flattest cold plate. To CNC the world’s thinnest fins, we spent two years developing micron-level CNC precision that achieves the tightest tolerances found in machining today. 

Moreover, we aimed to solve many of the constant frustrations with liquid cooling like flaky nickel, mystery gunk and poor quality control. All those issues are caused by inappropriate materials and cut corners. So rather than using cheap electroplated nickel prone to flaking, we use only aerospace-certified nickel. From our plasticizer-free o-rings to Zeiss measurement verification, we want every Optimus product to be world-class. That’s why we ofter the industry’s only lifetime warranty.

We're incredibly passionate about PC building and the future of liquid cooling. We hope you join us in our quest for ultimate US made performance.

The Optimus Team